Good Neighbors


Asphalt mix plants are often family operated by the 3rd and 4th generations of owners who are friends and neighbors of the towns where they work. Helping to build, maintain, and foster trust in their communities, they go above and beyond in keeping their neighborhoods safe and comfortable to live in. One of the main ways this safety is ensured is by working extensively with regulating bodies that monitor air quality, water safety, and spill control.

The National Association of Asphalt Producers has even implemented Diamond Commendations to recognize plants that are using best practices to improve quality and safety. This program allows companies to compare their standard to others across the nation, as well as provides an opportunity to evaluate and identify areas of improvement in the constant effort to make asphalt production safer and smoother than ever.

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Asphalt platform

Low Risk

Asphalt mix plants (AMPs) have been extensively studied by state and federal agencies, such as the US EPA, in response to health concerns of those living near plants. These studies have proven there are no increased health hazards or risks associated with areas around AMPs as compared to those without. Even so, improvements are continually being made to make asphalt production produce fewer and fewer emissions. One such improvement is the switch from hot mix asphalt (HMA) to warm mix asphalt (WMA). By using new materials and techniques producers have lowered the temperature at which asphalt is mixed by 100 degrees creating far fewer emissions with the ultimate goal of net 0 emissions by 2050.


Asphalt producers offer solutions to their neighbors who hate long, drawn-out road construction projects. With careful planning and accelerated techniques, asphalt pavement construction can be completed 70% faster than other pavement types. This is in part due to asphalt’s quick drying time allowing cars to be back on the road the very next day. Repairs are much faster when compared to concrete which cannot be patched but instead needs the entire slab to be repaired. And with crews on the road for less time, asphalt also substantially increases safety in areas affected by work zones.

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Safe And Smooth



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