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Beginning a new career can be both exciting and challenging, but the asphalt industry offers a unique advantage for career changers: the opportunity to join a trade union and receive paid on-the-job training. When you become a part of our industry and a union member, you gain access to an incredible support system that not only values your commitment but invests in your growth. Through paid training programs, you can learn the ropes of our industry while earning a competitive wage. New employees get hands-on experience, develop valuable skills, and receive financial support during their transition. Joining a trade union ensures that you have a strong network of industry professionals backing your journey, making your career change in the asphalt industry a rewarding and well-supported choice.

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Job Safety & Security

In the asphalt industry, job security and safety go hand in hand, creating an environment where your well-being and career stability are top priorities. The industry has a high demand for skilled professionals, providing a strong foundation for job security. As infrastructure needs continue, so do the opportunities for growth and advancement. Moreover, safety is paramount in the field. Rigorous safety protocols and training programs ensure that you work in a secure environment where risks are minimized. The health and safety of the workforce is the top priority, making it possible for you to build a successful, rewarding career in an industry that not only values your contributions but also your safety and peace of mind.

Never Stale

When you work in the asphalt trades, every day brings something new and exciting. Whether it’s building highways, parking lots, bike paths, or airport runways, our trade jobs offer a wide variety of projects. If you’re an oiler, crushing operator, loader operator, dispatcher, or any other role, you’ll always have different tasks to keep your job interesting and dynamic.
The asphalt industry is a place where old traditions meet new ideas. It’s a place where you can take on unique challenges and feel the excitement of solving them. Join us in the asphalt industry, and you’ll find that every day is a chance to make a real impact on the world’s infrastructure. You’ll experience the joy of working on something extraordinary and leaving a lasting mark on the world.

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Women IN Asphalt

The inclusion of women in the asphalt industry is not just a matter of diversity and equity; it’s an essential step toward unlocking the industry’s full potential. By empowering women to join this traditionally male-dominated field, Women of Asphalt brings diverse perspectives, skills, and innovative thinking that can drive progress, foster creativity, and ultimately lead to more sustainable and inclusive solutions for the industry’s future success.