America’s Most
Recycled Product

It’s never the first to come to mind, but asphalt is actually the most recycled material in America. Aluminum cans, glass & plastic bottles, and newspapers are recycled for a combined weight of 58.5 million tons each year. In comparison, 89.2 million tons of asphalt are recycled annually. And unlike glass or plastic which are often turned into a completely different product that cannot be recycled again – 93% of recycled asphalt is put back to use in new pavement, and the remaining 7% is used to make unbound aggregate bases for other civil engineering projects.

Dump truck with asphalt
Pile of recycled asphalt

Types OF
Recycled Product

There are two main recycled products, recycled asphalt pavement (RAP) and recycled asphalt shingles (RAS). Commonly, RAP is milled up from old roads or other paved areas that are being replaced and brought to production facilities to be recycled and reused. As for RAS, when someone gets a new roof the asphalt industry doesn’t dispose of that material into a landfill – instead those shingles are processed and transformed into usable asphalt. In some circumstances even recycled tires and recycled plastic may be used as well.


Asphalt producers’ dedication to recycling has incredible economic and environmental benefits. Annually, using recycled asphalt saves up to $3.3 billion dollars and prevents 58.7 million cubic yards of landfill. RAP alone also cuts down on the need for asphalt binder by 24 million barrels and 80 million tons of new aggregate. Using reclaimed asphalt in conjunction with warm-mix asphalt has the emission equivalent of removing 566,000 cars annually.
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